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Daft Punk Deux

I'm honored to announce I've been asked to participate once again in Gauntlet Gallery's Daft Punk art show titled "Daft Punk Deux". The piece above "Face To Face" will be a new addition to this year's show along with a few of my works from last year (Veridis Quo and Voyager)

Last year's show was a great success and brought together so many amazing artists, and I was very humbled to be amongst them. Some of my favorite people out there like
Craig Drake and Andrew Spear had some incredible pieces in the show and sharing walls with those guys is a great honor. 

If you live in the San Francisco area you should definitely head down to 
Gauntlet Gallery for the show, it runs through June 24th. For those interested who don't live in the area, prints and canvases will be made available in Gauntlet's online store which you can visit HERE.

It's so fun to be part of shows like this and I hope that it becomes an annual tradition. Thanks to all of you for being out there supporting great art!

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